Studio (the new one)

But first a brief history.

The old studio was called: The Cave. When I redesigned the website to it’s more current form, the studio then needed to have a face. So I used it prominently, but obscured, in the background design, because: it was a cool place, but not a real soundstage or a recording studio. The vibe was great, but the acoustics and the space where not.
This will all change soon.

Two years ago my fiancee and I decided to build a house and to go crazy as well and get a mortgage to pay for all of it. In this market? I know, right? But nevertheless we went ahead and I started designing a studio along with it. To lighten the financial load we decided to move out of the place where I had The Cave and, luckily, into the house of an awesome friend – who was moving in with his girl. Great timing, Jeff! This meant I had to move my kit from my former basement into a corner of a relatively small living room. Mission completed successfully: Studio Skiffa was born.
By the time it will be closed down it will have hosted many fine jam-sessions and recording sessions, and recorded and mixed 2 soundtracks – one earning me some modest recognition. Proving to me it’s about the dude (yes that includes women) not the kit. Great kit with a shit dude at the sticks is gonna sound shit.
Here’s a photo of a happy customer using our newly installed Novation PEAK.

Now the house is finished and we’re slowly starting to change it from a squat into a house proper. You know, with a bathroom and stuff. And I get to start building my very own studio. The mats are on their way and then the grinding starts, noobs.
I’ll keep updating as we progress further down the rabbit hole but for now I leave you with this preview of the studio lavatory and private echo-chamber.

Ye Little Updaet

Received the first crossbeams. They’ll hold the ceiling which will ‘float’ free from the inner structure and be connected to the outside structure via some form of vibration decoupling I’ve devised.

I think the steel things are called Pergola(or pole) bearers. The plan is to drill out to hole to fit a long M10/12 size bolt with room to spare, so there is no direct connection the steel bearer, then have a bearer-receiver on the other end (same thing, but without the bolt) and then tighten it with a nut. There will be dampening material between the bolt/nut and bearer. I’m thinking of a 3 ply mix of flexible polyurethane foam, hard polystyrene and rubber. I’m gonna try and make a test setup before I decide.

Here’s a cross-section of one end of the system as a visual aid.

The definitive version 2.0 is out! And why is all the wood gone?

The new definitive layout is here! Version 2.0! Not totally comfortable with the placement of the doors to the live room yet.
Studio layout v2

I’ve got the wood partially delivered at the moment. It’s the second time my second shipment of wood has gone tits-up. And also the second time everything seems fine but at the last moment it partially falls through: they did deliver 6 planks. I’ve found a new supplier of the type and quality of wood that I need, but this adds a 1,5 week delay to the planning. I was expecting an amount of delay but not so much so soon. However, this frees me up to start staining the other wood. I’m staining the beams that will take the most of the load first. My reasons for staining the wood are to keep bugs out of the wood and regulate any moisture entering or leaving the wood. The end result should be a longer life for my studio.

The rest is stacked here.

Not in this picture are a couple of rolls of 2,5 mm thick bitumen heavy material which I’m going to use to reinforce all of the walls and other parts of the structure with and to make strips out of on the ground to rest the walls on. The rock wool you see is meant to insulate LEWIS dovetail sheeting and are 100x10x2,5cm sized strips. Perfect size to put my walls on as well. Adding to the layer cake of heavy stuff.

P.S. Since I had extra time because of the wood situation I also impregnated the tile floor of the private echo chamber. It didn’t take 10 good men and climbing spikes, but measuring by how high I got from the stuff I sure did impregnate her good.

Update 3.11

The studio is not coming along to be honest. There have been several issues with the house and this has taken up a large chunk of my time. And a bit of the joy out of things as well. So due to time constraints I’ve taken to annexing another room in the house as a makeshift studio. This was the plan. Until a water pipe that runs through that room turned out to be clogged with something and in order to fix it we might have to open up the floor. So that’s on hold. I’ve barely started the groundwork for the studio – hence no significant update, so this too will take up a portion of my time. I really need to keep reminding myself why we’re doing this and why I want this all to happen and work through it.

What better way to celebrate my new found insights than with an expensive new piece of kit. So me and my mate Ben went down to Hoeilaart today to buy a mint second-hand centerpiece for the new studio. Here’s the box it came in.

You’ll have to wait to see it unleashed in it’s new habitat. I do promise there will be a fabulous chair to look at soon. Very soon. Peace!