Here you’ll find examples of live-registration, sound design, recording, foley and other audio related projects.

Clients include: Arcadis, Company Webcast, Divimove, DSM, FrisseBlikken, Supersky, Unilever and more.    

‘Sparsessie’ is a sonic exploration of my surroundings and objects in it. I’m amplifying things one would normally filter out like certain resonances or sounds. This results in quite a trip with musical elements seemingly popping out of nowhere. In short: it’s an ambient soundscape.

  • Provided Sound and Music services for the Bamigo campaign for 2019
  • Audiophile also provides services like spatial recordings for the extra dimension during tours or audio-visual training/exercises. In this case an on location binaural recording for a 3D museum tour a client. This is a demo of a chapter on that tour. Listen on headphones for the best experience.
  • Soundmix and stream provided by Audiophile in the service of Company Webcast in this case for DUO
  • Internet Service Provider Unitymedia has a webseries called “Was? Das geht?” – which translates to “What? That works?”, and I was asked to record and do post for an episode during VidCon EU. (We possibly did have something to do with crashing the boat – maybe.)

    The latest one is here:
  • Trailer for the Short-Film “Headlines” by Thijs Montanus. Did the set/location-sound and post-production
  • Current WIP: Boykee.

    ‘Boykee’ Official Trailer from Kinima on Vimeo.
  • Did the whole nine yards for Safety by Liam Alexander Domonkos

    The fun part there was recording the sound from inside the masks and boomy basements.
  • Sound Design with triggered sounds for a game designed by Lyubomir Todorov.
  • Sound Design and Foley for a Pixar animation
  • Voice-acting a Kill Move for a game, Bas Rutten-style! Give life (and death) to both characters was a lot of fun.
  • 30sec. Radio Jingle

More stuff can be found at Soundcloud and on Youtube
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