New studio layout

Getting no wood makes me a sad panda. So I impregnated and stained some stuff and also revamped the original structural layout a bit. I’m still having doubts about the placement of the doors of the live room. But I have time to decide on that – apparently.

Have a look here

Binaural recordings

I don’t post as much as I probably should, but this one is special. Frisse Blikken ( contacted me to do some binaural recordings for them because Arcadis contacted them to come up with something for an in-house project called “Your Voice”. This is one of their traineeship programmes and this time it would take place in Krakow where the trainees would be moving around a room and perform several tasks/exercises.

The plan was to have someone move around the binaural head in a large room and deliver lines across several topics that would play out in the room where the listener was going to be. The recordings would then be played back on audioguides provided by Since this final room was in Poland and therefore unavailable we booked a theater room here and improvised a bit. Nevertheless everything came out great and the result was very satifying to all!

I’ve included some pictures of experimenting at a friends house , the setup at the recording location and some pictures I received from the client.


Thursday was the deadline for finishing the Youtube-vid. After the edit was done and the graphics were put in it was my turn to grind it out from 3AM till about 7AM. It was a long day starting with me travelling half-way across the country for Company Webcast in the morning and evening. Twenty-two hour workdays FTW! Ultimately Divimove and it’s customer Unitymedia were happy with the result and so am I.
Check it out here!

Fast gig

I love it when a gig comes together. Divimove hired Fabio and me to follow Youtuber “Eskay” around the Vidcon 2017 in the Amsterdam RAI. The 2 days went smooth, no other words for it. Yes they were fun. We ate and drank well. Company was nice too. But it went very smooth. Easy gig, easy life. On to the next!

Trailer time and The War of Art

First, director Thijs Montanus just finished the trailer for Headlines!
Check it out HERE

Second, it’s hard to take a step back and realize you’ve been kidding yourself into a false sense of purpose and are actually running away from the great things you were doing in the first place. Thanks Steven Pressfield (“The War of Art”), you’ve put stuff in a jarring new perspective for me.

Third, after that realisation last night I received a message from Fabio Mota (DoP, cameradude) who’s back in NL for a gig and needs a sound dude.


Started at Company Webcast this week as a Producer. It’s been busy but rewarding. On top of that I’m packing up my studio and the rest of our stuff for the move to Schiedam this weekend. Gonna be without a studio for a while (0h n03s my M3g4h3r7z! :'( ). Hope to jam again soon, since it’s been going so well.

What a night

Just received my first Best Sound award for the short-film Headlines. Hopefully I can share a link soon, but that depends on entries to film festivals. Out of 6 entries the film also received Best Directing, Best Cinematography and the Peoples Choice Award! High-fives all around.

Moar updates!

Added some more content to sound. Fixed the embeds, links and referrals the way I want them. Learning on the job is a great thing. Will there be a shoppe? Hush now. In good time, my friends.