Binaural recordings

I don’t post as much as I probably should, but this one is special. Frisse Blikken ( contacted me to do some binaural recordings for them because Arcadis contacted them to come up with something for an in-house project called “Your Voice”. This is one of their traineeship programmes and this time it would take place in Krakow where the trainees would be moving around a room and perform several tasks/exercises.

The plan was to have someone move around the binaural head in a large room and deliver lines across several topics that would play out in the room where the listener was going to be. The recordings would then be played back on audioguides provided by Since this final room was in Poland and therefore unavailable we booked a theater room here and improvised a bit. Nevertheless everything came out great and the result was very satifying to all!

I’ve included some pictures of experimenting at a friends house , the setup at the recording location and some pictures I received from the client.