Audiophile was founded by me after graduating from SAE Institute in Rotterdam.

At a young age I started making sounds with everything I could find and developed a passion for music. Starting out as a DJ under the name Venesta, producing electronic music became my goal. The realm of audio however is so much bigger: games, movies, mixing, mastering, you name it. In 2008 I moved to Rotterdam to pursue a more active career in the audio industry. In 2009 I enrolled in the Audio Engineering course at SAE Rotterdam. This is where I was taught the Dark Arts and not only became a skilled engineer but also specialised in audio for Gaming with middleware such a Wwise and FMOD. In 2013 I also earned a Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction from Emory University for Digital Sound Design.

What started out as a hobby more than a decade ago, became a full-time obsession and finally:


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Hope you’ll enjoy it!